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FP Creative Helps RADO Achieve Results With Luxurious Suite of Films

Given FP Creative’s extensive track record in the luxury market, RADO was always going to be a perfect fit for us.

The Swiss watch manufacturer asked us to create three individual animations that would also work together to bolster customer engagement, when displayed in RADO’s flagship stores across the globe.

We responded by creating world-class, CGI photorealistic images, mixing them with raw materials and dazzling watch imagery. The result was a set of beautifully contrasted short films, which brought these luxurious products to life. As planned, the punchy 15-second films were then revealed in RADO’s boutique stores worldwide.

The results are concrete. Not only was there a 13% increase in watch sales immediately following the launch of the films, but brand awareness was measured at an increase of 36% in reach and impressions as well. These results led to a 27% increase in overall engagement and a 19% increase in website visits.

With such an impressive performance post-delivery, it’s safe to say that the effectiveness of the films not only met but also surpassed the expectations of the original brief.

Rado Hyperchrome

Rado True Diamonds

Rado Dual Time



Longines – Project Case Study

Longines is a Swiss watch company steeped in history. It is most famous for its ‘Aviator’ watches, and for providing timekeeping for the first modern Olympics in 1896.

This prestigious brand has a wealth of long-term ambassadors, and FP Creative was commissioned to produce a suite of films combining on-location interviews with footage from the sponsored events.

Our first task was to create the ‘pilot’ film, introducing key styles that could be carried through to every single piece of ambassador content.

To do this, we adopted a ‘day in the life’ approach, and the first film featured the elegant Lithuanian-born actress, Ingeborga Dapkūnaitė: a star who has been a Longines brand ambassador for over 10 years.

Using a relaxed interview shot in black-and-white as the heart of the film, FP Creative carefully captured a light and spontaneous conversation, gently guiding Ingeborga towards key talking points. Interspersed with the interview was contrasting colour footage of Ingeborga at the event: glimpses of her being interviewed, photographed, enjoying the races and mingling with other guests.

A small team flew out to Switzerland to ensure that every magical detail was captured. For the filming, FP Creative worked with acclaimed director Jamie Crawford, and the end result is an engaging, beautifully filmed piece of content.

Since the pilot, we have continued the series using the same creative approach, working with world-renowned tennis star Steffi Graf and beautiful actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Next, we’re going to Hollywood. Watch this space.


Thomson – Project Case Study

The National Cruise Week (7th-14th of September) is a highly important event in every holiday company’s calendar. For Thomson especially, it raises awareness and kick-starts sales for the company’s cruise holidays.

Thomson approached FP Creative with a clear brief: to take a fresh look at its film content, focusing more on the family excursions and adventures that a cruise can offer at each destination, beyond the seafaring experience itself.

We created a short film that (quite literally) adopts the viewpoint of a young boy on holiday with his family in Majorca. Creative editing set to a playful voiceover guide the viewer through the beautiful scenery as we share in his experiences.

The FP Creative crew handpicked actors to travel out with them to the shoot location, armed with a carefully crafted script and storyboard. There, we worked tirelessly to bring our vision to life, shooting at popular locations around the island.

Back at FP Creative’s in-house editing suite, the footage was slimmed down into four versions: a full-length, 2-minute YouTube film - and three teaser films for social media channels, including Facebook and Instagram.

As well as proving extremely popular within the travel industry, the film has led to a further brief from Thomson to create other assets. Watch this space…


Range Rover Sentinel

Film, Infographic

Land Rover Luxury Meets Security

The team at FP Creative can now reveal a top-secret mission that we have been conducting. We were tasked with conceptualising and producing a very special film for Range Rover, introducing the Sentinel, a vehicle that combines luxury and security like never before.

Built by Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations division, the Sentinel has outstanding ballistic, fragmentation and blast resistance. This armoured version of the Range Rover Autobiography is designed for security, yet maintains the luxury and capability that are the hallmarks of every Range Rover.

Challenges were twofold. Firstly, the testing phase of the vehicle had already passed. And as we quickly found out, firing rounds at (and subsequently setting fire to) an armoured Range Rover for the purposes of a film was not on our list of options. Secondly, the show model that had been approved to feature in the film was to stay spick and span for an upcoming motor show, and that meant the possibility of driving footage being excluded.

The resultant film is a combination of stylised static shots and kinetic dynamics footage. Complemented by an accompanying infographic, it showcases the luxury and fortitude of the Range Rover Sentinel in a way that has since captured the imagination of newspapers and motoring websites worldwide, garnering hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube alone. Needless to say, we’re more than a little sentinental about it. Sorry…



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Latest news

  1. Jaguar to enter Formula E in 2016

    Jaguar to enter Formula E in 2016

    When Jaguar decided to announce its long-awaited return to world motorsport in the 2016/17 FIA...

    Jaguar to enter Formula E in 2016

    When Jaguar decided to announce its long-awaited return to world motorsport in the 2016/17 FIA Formula E Championship, the PR team asked FP Creative to produce two high-impact films to support their global press conference.

    For the uninitiated, Formula E is the series for electric single-seater racing cars, with events taking place on street circuits in cities all over the world.

    Jaguar plans to use the series as a testbed to develop its future EV technologies.

    The brief was simple: produce a high-tech and attention-grabbing “launch” film with the overarching message that ‘Jaguar is back in global motorsport’, along with an additional VNR edit to be distributed to the media.

    With just over two weeks to the press conference, it was a race against the clock to storyboard, film and edit these two high-quality films.

    To create the launch film, we teamed up with our CGI partners Intro. This fast-paced piece features a Formula E car being constructed as it races through a highly stylised and futuristic backdrop that took the form of a circuit board. 

At the same time a pulsing, electronic soundtrack builds the film to a crescendo, coupled with a special ‘electrified’ Jaguar leaper logo and images of the team’s new Formula E racing car.

    The VNR film opens with Jaguar racing heritage clips matched to an emotive voiceover made up from period commentary, before combining action-packed Formula E footage with interviews from Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag and Nick Rogers, Group Engineering Director, Jaguar Land Rover. The use of motion graphics throughout meant that the film also had a suitably high-tech feel.

    Click here to watch the launch film.

    Click here to watch the VNR film.

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  2. FP Creative Produces Assets for World-...

    FP Creative once again stood shoulder to shoulder with Range Rover to create a beautiful suite...

    FP Creative Produces Assets for World-First Range Rover Paper Bridge Stunt

    FP Creative once again stood shoulder to shoulder with Range Rover to create a beautiful suite of assets. But it is not often that those assets are showcasing a world-first. For this, we flew to China to capture the build up to, and execution of, the stunt: a Range Rover driving over a bridge built from nothing but paper. These were spread across stills photography, three films and an infographic.

    The event marked the brand’s 45th anniversary. Working with both Range Rover and Performance Communications, we undertook a journey to Suzhou, nicknamed 'Venice of the East', to film the 2,374kg SUV crossing over the 16ft-long (5 metre) paper bridge.

    Designed by environmental artist Steve Messam, the installation took three days to build and was constructed without using any adhesives. Until the evening of the stunt, our primary objective was to follow Messam in his challenge, capturing stills, video interviews, time-lapse footage and data for our infographic along the way.

    When the bridge was finished and the supports removed, Land Rover Experience chief instructor Chris Zhou carefully drove the all-aluminium SUV across. Due to safety reasons, the feat could only be attempted twice, so the main challenge from a creative point of view was to light the very dark location adequately to allow the maximum amount of cameras to roll at once. From interior GoPros to exterior crane cameras, broad coverage was key.

    Once we were back in the UK, it was straight to the edit suite to ensure that we supplied the main film, social edit and time-lapse montage on time. Meanwhile, our design team made progress with the infographic, which imparted historical and technical information about this unique challenge.

    From initial flight to final delivery, the resultant suite of assets was turned around in under ten days, and picked up by news outlets worldwide.

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  3. Ford’s stand at SEMA show underlines...

    The Las Vegas-based SEMA show is the largest trade event for aftermarket automotive products in...

    Ford’s stand at SEMA show underlines campaign success

    The Las Vegas-based SEMA show is the largest trade event for aftermarket automotive products in the world.

    If you’re into tuning vehicles, it’s manna from heaven. There’s no shortage of car manufacturers either, as they try to impress with their own custom concepts.

    Ford had a big presence this year, showcasing no fewer than 28 vehicles. Taking centre stage was the Ford GT LM, the new racing car that Ford will compete when it returns to Le Mans next year – 50 years on from its historic 1-2-3 win.

    FP Creative produced an incredibly successful film to help Ford announce its return to international endurance racing, which after some five months has gained well in excess of a million views on YouTube.

    It has undoubtedly been one of our most successful single pieces of content to date, and just to underline that fact, the backdrop to Ford’s stand at SEMA carried the same messaging from the film: We’ve been Watching. We’ve been waiting. Now we’re back.

    Photo credit:

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  4. Revealing Discovery Sport’s Discreet...

    Land Rover presented FP Creative with a unique brief recently, asking us to create an...

    Revealing Discovery Sport’s Discreet Technologies

    Land Rover presented FP Creative with a unique brief recently, asking us to create an infographic to support a press release revealing the Discovery Sport’s discreet technologies.

    These state-of-the-art features included a network of some 43 sensors that can measure everything from windscreen misting to water wading depth, and an innovative stereo camera that can recognise road signs and even automatically apply the brakes if an accident is deemed unavoidable. Crucially, no driver input is required for any of them.

    The biggest challenge was representing these unknown technologies in a striking visual way. Working to a tight deadline, Designer Joe Gardner and Automotive Writer Matt Upton produced this complex infographic in just two days.

    To give it a technical feel, a ghosted CGI render of the Discovery Sport formed the focal point, while the copy for each section was complemented by either a CGI image or an illustration designed in-house.

    The result is an engaging and stylish infographic that is anything but discreet, taking pride of place on the Land Rover Media website’s homepage.

    Click here to read more.

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